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LEGO Droideka 75381

Please note: To give you the perfect hidden-line effect, we use severely thin aviation-grade wire with high tension and pressure tolerance. However, due to its thin nature, be careful not to cut through it as it might be susceptible to shearing during installation. Always be careful not to press brick pieces down on the wire.

Let’s get started: If you face any challenges, please feel free to reach out via Please note that we offer 2 years of free light kit maintenance.

Step 1 (Bag 1) 

Step 2 (Bag 2) 

Step 3 (Bag 3) 

Step 4 (Classic Version)

Step 5 (Bag 4 – Standard Version) 

Step 6 (Bag 5) 

Connect light kit to battery box and installation will be complete.